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Minecraft - 1.20.50 (Bedrock)

The latest Minecraft update brings a brand new look for bats, smashable pots, and some new experimental features like the crafter block. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

 New Features:

- Bat: Updated model, animations, and texture

- Decorated Pots: Now store items, interactable, breakable by projectiles, and emit vibrations when interacted with

- Encyclopedia Screen: A revamped version of the "How to Play" screen

- Experimental Features: Introducing the Crafter block and new Copper blocks

- Vanilla Parity: Vindicators and Evokers no longer spawn in Peaceful mode

- Villager Trade Rebalancing: Ensures librarians sell the highest level of common enchantments

 Technical Updates:

- Performance & Stability: Various bug fixes to improve gameplay stability

- Gameplay & Mobs: Enhancements in mob behavior, world generation, and player interactions

- User Interface: UI improvements, including saved inventory options and loading screen tips

- API & Technical Changes: Addition of new scripting behaviors and block states

This Minecraft update brought a lot of exciting new stuff! You'd definitely want to experience it, so make sure to update your game now. There are cool changes, like a revamped 'Encyclopedia' screen, a new look for bats, and Decorated Pots where you can store items and smash them.

Download Here