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Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30 Official Update: New Features, Changes

The Minecraft 1.20.30 update for the Bedrock edition brings a variety of exciting changes and improvements to the game. Here's an overview of some of the key features and changes:

Updated "You Died" Experience:

The death screen has been enhanced to provide a clearer view of why you died, keep your hotbar visible at all times, and allow for certain settings adjustments before respawning. This makes the post-death experience more informative and customizable.


Crawling under one-block gaps is now fully implemented into the game, making it easier to navigate tight spaces. This feature has been improved to match the Java Edition.

Recipe Unlocking: 

Recipe Unlocking is no longer an Experimental Feature and can be enabled or disabled per world. It also includes various improvements such as better auto-suggestions and command-line auto-complete for recipe unlocking.

Recipe Book Search: 

The recipe book search in Survival mode now matches the beginning of item names and works better with the Recipe Unlocking system. This helps both new and experienced players find items efficiently.

Sleeping Percentage Gamerule: 

A new 'playersleepingpercentage' gamerule has been added, allowing you to adjust the percentage of players required to sleep to skip the night.

Vanilla Parity - Block Breaking: 

Breaking times for various blocks have been adjusted to match Java Edition, bringing more consistency between the two versions.

Gameplay Improvements: 

Several gameplay enhancements have been made, such as Wandering Traders now trading Cherry Saplings, adjustments to mob behavior, and better potion throwing mechanics.

Audio Enhancements: 

Numerous audio improvements have been implemented, including the addition of missing sounds, better sound synchronization, and more.

Experimental Features - Villager Trading:

Experimental changes have been introduced to balance and improve Villager and Wandering Trader trading. Feedback on these changes is welcomed to refine these features further.

Diamond Ore Distribution: 

The update has increased the amount of Diamond Ore found in the deepest parts of the world, making it more rewarding to mine for Diamonds in the Deepslate layers.

Performance and Stability: 

Various bug fixes and performance improvements have been made, addressing crashes, errors, and texture corruption issues.


Accessibility improvements include better screen narration, touch controls enhancements, and improved user interface elements.

User Interface Updates: 

The user interface has seen several changes, including updated menu HUD icons, improved button texts, and fixes for UI flickering issues.

Various Fixes and Changes: 

The update also addresses numerous other bug fixes, block changes, item adjustments, and more to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Overall, this update aims to enhance the Minecraft Bedrock experience by improving gameplay mechanics, balancing trading systems, addressing bugs, and providing more accessible and customizable features for players. Your feedback and bug reports are encouraged to help further refine the game. Enjoy your adventures in the world of Minecraft with these exciting changes!

Minecraft 1.20.30 Update: