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Minecraft 1.20.40 Update: What's New in the Latest Bedrock Version?

Minecraft fans, it's time to dive into the latest update! Mojang has rolled out Minecraft 1.20.40 for the Bedrock edition, and it's loaded with exciting changes. Let's take a closer look at what this update brings to the blocky world and explore the patch notes.

Patch Notes for Minecraft 1.20.40:

Experimental Features:

- Villager Trade Rebalancing: 

This update introduces an experimental feature that rebalances several Villager trades. While it won't affect normal worlds by default, you can enable it by toggling the Feature Toggle in the Experiments Menu when creating a new world. Mojang aims to make Villager trading fairer and more enjoyable, so your feedback is essential in shaping these changes.

Vanilla Parity:


  • The default Respawn Radius in the Advanced Settings is now set to 10.
  • Falling from great heights while in a Boat no longer deals fall damage.
  • Fall damage now affects the entity landing on the ground and passes on to passengers if the mount dies.
  • Goat Horns can now be heard up to 256 blocks away.
  • The boss bar HUD color has been tweaked.
  • Flowing Lava and Water mixing mechanics now match Java Edition.
  • Closing the inventory of Boat, Raft, or Minecart with Chest now emits vibrations.


  • Zombified Villager curing time is now randomized between 3 and 5 minutes, matching Java Edition.
  • Witches now target players within a 16 block distance.
  • Sheep that regrow wool after being sheared will now drop wool on death.
  • Camels can no longer dash while in Lava or Water.
  • Iron Golems no longer spawn in spaces where they would suffocate, and they now have a crumbling-like particle effect when created.
  • Cartographers no longer offer exploration maps when not in the overworld.


  • Guardians and Elder Guardians now make flopping sounds when on land.
  • Wither Skeletons have received their unique sounds.
  • Sound for picking up items is played when using the '/give' command.
  • Stray Cats now play a sound when begging for food.
  • Several changes to water and bottle-related sounds.

Fixes and Changes:

  • Several crash fixes and performance improvements.
  • Players no longer suffer arrow effects if the arrow is blocked.
  • Villages in the End and Nether are no longer saved to the Overworld.
  • Various bug fixes for issues like clipping through blocks, liquid bucket behavior, and more.

Technical Updates:

  • Several updates to the Add-On template packs.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • Many changes and additions in the commands, Molang, entity properties, and more.

Experimental Technical Updates:

  • The Script API sees various additions and changes.
  • Updates to BlockStates, Items, Entity Components, and dynamic properties.
  • New events like PlayerDimensionChangeBeforeEvent and PlayerDimensionChangeAfterEvent.

This Minecraft 1.20.40 update brings significant rebalancing of Villager trades, audio improvements, and various gameplay enhancements. If you want to try out the experimental changes, don't forget to enable the Feature Toggle. Explore the world of Minecraft with these fresh updates and enjoy your adventures!

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