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Minecraft Bedrock/Pocket Edition 1.20.70/71 Patch Notes


Welcome, Minecraft enthusiasts! The latest update for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, version 1.20.70/71, has arrived with a plenty of changes, fixes, and experimental features. Let's dive into the highlights of this release:

Vanilla Parity:

- Mobs:

  • Wolves now have doubled health compared to previous versions, aligning with Java Edition standards (MCPE-177613).
  • Tamed Wolves' maximum health has been increased from 20 to 40, and their healing rate has been adjusted accordingly.

Experimental Features:

- Wind Charge:

  • Introducing the Wind Charge, allowing players to fire projectiles with increased knockback and damage.
  • Wind Charges can be obtained from defeating Breezes and can be fired from dispensers.


- Bogged:

  • A new variant of Skeletons, Bogged, has been introduced. These skeletons spawn naturally in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps, and have unique attributes.

- Vault:

  • Vaults are blocks found in Trial Chambers containing valuable loot, requiring a Trial Key to unlock.
  • Once unlocked, a Vault cannot be unlocked again by the same player, ensuring fairness in loot distribution.

Fixes and Changes:

  • Various performance and stability improvements, including fixing issues with loading screens and game freezes.
  • Gameplay enhancements such as allowing upward player motion to reset fall distance and enabling players to bridge blocks over water.
  • Numerous fixes related to mobs, blocks, items, and user interface elements.

Technical Updates:

  • Addition of new APIs, components, and commands to enhance customization and modding capabilities.
  • Improved block handling and behaviors, along with updates to Molang scripting language features.
  • Revamped entity components and item functionalities to provide more flexibility for developers.

Experimental Technical Updates:

  • Expanded APIs and utilities for creating custom content, including entity components, item behaviors, and debug utilities.
  • Further improvements to scripting capabilities and compatibility with various game elements.

With these comprehensive updates, Minecraft Bedrock Edition continues to evolve, offering an enriched gaming experience for players and creators alike. Dive into the world of Minecraft and explore all the new features and enhancements today!

Download Here

[Note: These patch notes are based on the information provided by Mojang as of March 12, 2024.]