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Crabs, Armadillo And Penguin(Minecraft Mob Vote-2023)

Crabs in the mangrove swamp have a huge claw that they like to wave around while moving. This big claw is special because if you find one, you can use it to place blocks farther away! It's pretty cool. Just like real crabs, these ones are crucial for the mangrove swamp ecosystem, and you'll discover them hiding among the vines in this muddy area. But be cautious when trying to spot them, as they're great at hiding, so stay alert!

The armadillo calls the vast desert of the savannah biome its home, calmly navigating through the tall grass, but it can quickly transform into a blocky ball if startled, adding a charming touch to its appearance. Furthermore, armadillos drop a unique item called a scute, which can be used to craft a novel item: Wolf armor. Similar to horse armor, this wolf armor provides additional protection to your loyal canine companion, making it an excellent choice for safeguarding your furry friend from unexpected nighttime skeleton encounters.

You can spot penguins on stony shores. They walk on the beach and swim in the nearby ocean. These penguins are social and love both land and water, although they can be a bit clumsy on land. But they're super fast swimmers and have a cool talent – they make your boat go faster when they're around!