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Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta & Preview Update

Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta:

  • These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
  • Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at
  • The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see for detailed instructions.

Known Issues

We have a known issue in this Beta Preview which may cause a crash when using the search bar within the Marketplace. We are working on a fix for this and hope to have it addressed as soon as possible, thank you for your patience!

Experimental Trade Changes

This Preview includes experimental changes to the Wandering Trader and Librarian Villager trades. You must turn on this experiment in the Experiments Menu if you want to test the new trades. Please send us your feedback on these changes at


Before these changes, players could get any Village enchantment from any Librarian. A novice Librarian could sell the best enchantment in the game! For some players, this felt too random and made trading feel overpowered when compared to using the Enchanting Table or searching for Enchanted Books in structures.

With the new rules, Librarians from different biomes sell different enchantments. Master Librarians are guaranteed to have a special enchantment which is different in each Village biome.

Players will have to work towards getting the best trades instead of relying on random chance. We hope this makes Librarian trading more interesting and skilful, while also revealing some clues about their history of each Village type through the enchantments that are sold there.

Librarians in each biome have a special book which is guaranteed from every Master Librarian, and a range of normal books. The special book is listed first. Desert: Efficiency, Fire Protection, Thorns, Infinity. Jungle: Unbreaking, Feather Falling, Projectile Protection, Power. Plains: Protection, Punch, Smite, Bane Of Arthropods. Savanna: Sharpness, Knockback, Binding Curse, (and in Java Edition) Sweeping Edge. Snow: Silk Touch, Aqua Affinity, Looting, Frost Walker. Swamp: Mending, Depth Strider, Respiration, Vanishing Curse. Taiga: Fortune, Blast Protection, Fire Aspect, Flame.

  • Librarians from different biomes now sell different Enchanted Books
  • Master Librarians with full XP are guaranteed to sell a special enchantment, which is different in each Village biome
  • This means that players must visit all seven Village biomes to get the full set of Villager enchantments
  • There are two secret Village biomes where Villages do not generate
  • A player must build these Villages to access their trades!
  • Some enchantments have been removed from Village trading and must be found in other ways

Wandering Trader

  • Some players felt that the Wandering Trader had unfair prices and didn’t sell many useful items. We have lowered their prices, added more trades, and increased the amounts available. The Wandering Trader will also now buy useful items from players, so it’s possible to help them on their journey by giving them supplies even if you don’t feel like buying anything.
  • As this is an experiment, we would really appreciate your feedback as work continues and to help us decide on the future direction for Villager trades!
  • The Wandering Trader now has a chance of buying these items: Water Bottle, Water Bucket, Milk Bucket, Fermented Spider Eye, Baked Potato, Hay Bale. The Wandering Trader now has a chance of selling these items: Logs (of any type), Iron Pickaxe (enchanted), Potion of Invisibility. The prices and amounts of the existing trades have also been adjusted.
  • Wandering Traders now have lower prices and have a higher amount of each item in stock
  • Wandering Traders now sell Logs
  • Wandering Traders can now buy many items, instead of only selling

Features and Bug Fixes

Diamond Ore Distribution

In this Preview, we increased the amount of Diamond Ore found in the deepest parts of the world. Our goal is to make it more rewarding to mine for Diamonds in the Deepslate layers. We want your feedback on this! Please try out your favorite mining technique and let us know how it feels. Please send us your feedback on these changes at


  • Strays now play the proper sound when firing bows
  • Equipment sound is now played when switching between otherwise identical armor pieces, which may have differing enchantments and/or trims applied
  • The Trails and Tales music tracks now play in the game menu
  • Shields now play a sound when equipped in the off-hand slot


  • Third person camera no longer clips through Snow, Mud, and Soul Sand
  • Stonecutter no longer drops as an item when using the wrong tool
  • Pickaxe can now quickly mine Pistons and Sticky Pistons 
  • Powering and unpowering a Redstone Repeater or Comparator no longer disrupts water flow 
  • “concrete_powder” block is now split into unique instances, namely “white_concrete_powder”, “orange_concrete_powder”, “magenta_concrete_powder”, “light_blue_concrete_powder”, “yellow_concrete_powder”, “lime_concrete_powder”, “pink_concrete_powder”, “gray_concrete_powder”, “light_gray_concrete_powder”, “cyan_concrete_powder”, “purple_concrete_powder”, “blue_concrete_powder”, “brown_concrete_powder”, “green_concrete_powder”, “red_concrete_powder”, and “black_concrete_powder” 
  • Commands will still work with “concrete_powder”, but “concrete_powder” won’t be suggested in the command prompt, rather the new names will 

Cherry Grove

The underwater fog in Cherry Groves now uses a transition that increases visibility after a while  


  • The functionality of long-pressing a crafting output slot on touch input has been returned to rapidly crafting single instances of the item in the output slot 
  • The rate of item crafting when long-pressing a crafting output slot has been slowed to 4 items per second and the time needed to long-press before starting the rapid crafting functionality has been reduced to 700 ms 
  • Updated the text when sleeping to better reflect the PlayersSleepingPercentage gamerule 
  • Setting the PlayersSleepingPercentage gamerule to 0 will no longer skip the sleep animation
  • Night will now be skipped properly if non-sleeping players leave while all other players are sleeping 
  • Players will no longer enter End Portals when sleeping in a bed immediately below the portals 


Added Vertical Sync toggle to Video menu 


Players will now have a way to send a one-way message to Creators offering feedback on purchased items. This feedback could be used to improve future content and changes


Mobs can hold and pick up Illager Banner only in their main hand now 

Fixed an issue with Parrots facing a different position than the player when the player is in a Boat

Recipe Unlocking Game Rule

Added optional game rule for limited crafting. The game rule is only relevant when recipe unlocking is enabled. When set to “true” it prevents players from crafting recipes they have not yet unlocked. It is off by default and can only be modified through the “/gamerule” command.

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly pressing ‘Esc’ in Realms settings could remove UI or turn the screen black
  • Fixed server becoming unresponsive when players were surrounded by Ghasts stuck in lava columns  
  • Placing one item of an item stack into a full stack of the same item no longer causes the game to crash

Touch Controls

  • Fixed an issue where the sneak input while flying would not work correctly with interactable blocks 

User Interface

  • Fixed textbox text sometimes not updating correctly when holding backspace on Android devices 
  • Fixed ‘Full Keyboard Gameplay’ support on iOS and Android 
  • New death screen no longer appears when immediate respawn is enabled
  • Fixed an issue where names with parentheses in them did not display on the inventory/crafting menus in their title 
  • Switching between Book and Quill pages with the gamepad now produces a sound 
  • Added a button to empty the search bar with one click 
  • Pressing Return on the virtual keyboard no longer deletes text after cursor on Xbox 
  • Background now darkens while the Smithing Table UI is open and Pocket UI is enabled

Vanilla Parity

  • Villagers are now prevented from gaining a profession when sleeping (MCPE-81790)
  • Tweaked Shulker Box Redstone signals to match parity with Java Edition
  • Formation of ice and snow is now controlled by random tick 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Raid boss bar to automatically deplete to zero when the Village was defeated  


  • Third-person camera now passes through Glass, Glass Panes, and Iron Bars 
  • Sculk Vibrations
  • Throwing an Eye of Ender now emits vibrations
  • Minecarts now consistently emit vibrations when moving on Rails while empty
  • Collecting Fish, Axolotls, and Tadpoles with Buckets now emits vibrations
  • Cleaning items in Cauldrons now emits vibrations
  • Dying Leather Armor in Cauldrons now emits vibrations 
  • Tipping Arrows in Cauldrons now emits vibrations
  • Using Dyes to change Cauldrons’ water color now emits vibrations 
  • Non-player actors now emit a vibration event when equipping Shields in their off-hand slot


  • Fixed an issue with the client failing to attempt connection to dedicated server in some situations 


  • Fixed a bug that autocomplete suggestions for values coming after brackets are missing if there is no space between tilde (as Z coordinate) and block name in commands 
  • The unknown block is no longer available to be set or filled via commands 
  • The ‘hasitem’ command will now use the data value as damage when selecting damageable items 
  • The Editor and its corresponding API are in early development, and available for keyboard/mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview builds. Tag us on social channels with #BedrockEditor.

Fixes this week:

  • Fixed a bug where the position of the selection cursor was not being recalculated upon block updates
  • Vec3 component minimum limit will now default to Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER
  • Player count added to status bar

Editor API updates – documentation to follow:

  • Fixed bugs caused by CompoundBlockVolume relativity
  • Normalize the use of CompoundBlockVolume instead of Selection
  • Updated CompoundBlockVolume to maintain internal volume list as relative
  • Converted CompoundBlockVolume to be a list of relative volumes to an origin.
  • Added a CompoundBlockVolumeRelativeType to signal volume push operations as relative or absolute
  • Added set/get Origin functions and a translate function


  • Released the “minecraft:enchantable” item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.30 and higher
  • Deprecated “minecraft:mining_speed” in json formats 1.20.30 and higher. Use “minecraft:digger” instead to achieve the same functionality


  • Entity names beginning with a number will now result in a content error
  • Item Frames
  • The correct broken state of the Elytra is rendered in Item Frames 

User Interface

  • Fixed localization of ‘Detected lost connection’ connection is lost from other player or server (MCPE-173028)

Experimental Technical Features

Render Dragon Features for Creators

Introducing new experimental cross-platform graphics features for creators. We are making these available early as a technical preview to get feedback as we develop. Performance and visual fidelity will improve over time.

Features included in this first technical preview include:

  • PBR materials – blocks and entities
  • Primary lighting
  • Shadows (sun & moon)
  • Bloom
  • Tone mapping
  • Atmospheric Scattering

For now, these features are available in Preview/Beta on:

  • Windows PC
  • Xbox
  • Android

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