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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.80 Update (Pocket Edition)

Minecraft is releasing new content today, including eight wolf variations, armadillos, and wolf armor. Craft armor from armadillo scutes, explore for different wolves, and take on adventures with your armored companions in the Overworld. Customize armor colors and repair it when damaged for endless fun!

New Features:


  • Meet the Armadillo, a passive mob found in Savannas and Badlands biomes.
  • Drop Armadillo Scutes periodically and when brushed.
  • Favorite food: Spider Eyes.

Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior:

  • Rolls up when sensing a threat like a sprinting player or undead mobs.
  • Unrolls when no threats detected for 4 seconds.
  • Shell protects it, reducing damage taken.

Armadillo Scutes:

  • Craft Wolf Armor using Armadillo Scutes.
  • Dispensers can brush Armadillo Scutes off Armadillos.

Wolf Armor:

  • Protects wolves until durability is depleted.
  • Can be repaired with Armadillo Scutes.
  • Dyeable and can be equipped on tamed wolves.

Tamed Wolves:

  • Now have 40 health points and no longer take reduced damage from environmental sources.
  • Feeding heals more health points.

Wolf Variants:

  • New variations spawn in different biomes, each with unique characteristics.
  • From Pale to Snowy, explore to discover them all.

Realms Stories:

  • Social hub for Realms members to share gameplay moments and see when others are playing.
  • Automatically posts Realm Events for player actions.

Enhancements to Finding Friends:

  • Improved friend-finding features including recommended friends, QR code sharing, and Gamertag copying.

Experimental Features:


  • Heavy weapon dealing increased damage based on falling distance.
  • Combine with Wind Charges for devastating attacks.

Breeze Rod:

  • Craft Wind Charges or use with a Heavy Core to craft the Mace.

Heavy Core:

  • Combine with a Breeze Rod to craft the Mace.
  • Obtained from Vaults.

New Armor Trims:

  • Bolt and Flow Armor Trims and Smithing Templates added.
  • Obtained from Vaults.

New Banner Patterns:

  • Flow and Guster Banner Patterns added.
  • Obtained from Vaults.

New Pottery Sherds:

  • Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds added.
  • Found in Trial Chambers.

Trial Chambers:

  • Updated chambers with new challenges and loot.
  • Improved spawning of Trial Spawners.
  • Adjusted loot tables for Vaults.

Fixes and Changes:

Numerous bug fixes and improvements across gameplay, mobs, blocks, items, graphics, and user interface.

Technical Updates:

Updates to API, commands, entities, blocks, and more.

Experimental Technical Updates:

Further enhancements and additions to API, commands, structures, and more.

For the full details and to share your feedback, visit the official Minecraft website.

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